About Us
Winpac Trade Ltd- "one Stop Company"

Winpac Trade Ltd. is the leading importer and distributor in the field of consumer products.
The company provides its services to leading companies and clients, both in the wholesale and retail market, in Israel and abroad.
Among our disposable products: plastic cutlery, plastic plates,  garbage bags, paper cups, table cloth, aluminum foil, aluminum trays, PVC cling film, food packaging, napkins, maps and more.

Winpac has an Office located in Israel + office and logistics center located in China.

Winpac Trade Ltd works in close cooperation with her customers, we listen to you and your needs and put at your service our: vast experience, advice and guidance, flexibility, exceptional service and professionalism. The company's milestones are: transparency during stages of production, reliability and courtesy, punctuality, innovation and the highest level of service.
Winpac Trade Ltd constantly invests resources in developing and expanding its product range in order to bring new and challenging products to her clients.

Winpac Trade Ltd imports products from around the world.
The products are effective, advanced and in high quality. Our constant focus is on searching for new products and categories, while maintaining high level of process transparency with our clients and involving them in new opportunities in the international market.
Winpac Trade Ltd works with leading graphic and product designers in Israel and abroad, in order to generate a leading and attractive product which suits both our customer and the market requirements.

Winpac Trade Ltd is proud to note the emphasis that we place on testing and quality control.
Our factory's stands under the strict standards, in addition our office in China frequently conduct quality testing, from:
• choosing reliable and high quality manufacturers.
• Strict quality testing during production, packaging, and before shipment.
• making sure that the final product is in high quality, through packaging and shipping stages.
Our quality control is strict; we are involved in all stages of the process in order to ensure that the product and the factory meet the appropriate standards (in Israel and abroad).